Make a difference

Are you looking for an inspiring experience abroad between 3 and 12 months that will have a lasting impact on your life? Our projects allow for personal and cultural development and growth through various programs in Africa and Europe.


3 Month Volunteering in South Africa

Spend 3 months in your region of choice from our selection of amazing programs and projects in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

1 Year Volunteering in Germany

If spending 1 year volunteering in Germany is what you are interested in, then you have to look at this amazing opportunity.

1 Year Volunteering in South Africa

This Volunteer Program offers an incredible opportunity for young Germans between 18 & 24 years old to experience 1 year in South Africa with the focus being on Sports.

Our locations in South Africa

Coffee Bay

This is an awesome opportunity to experience the incredible, rural coastal region along one of the most beautiful coastlines on the African continent. The area is steeped in history with a small, passionate community with awesome projects.

East London

East London offers and amazing opportunity for volunteers to experience a variety of different Projects and still have the opportunities that a larger city offers. It an incredible city and a great option.

Magical Mdumbi

Situated very close to Coffee Bay and sharing one of the most amazing coastlines in Africa. This rural region has an amazing community with fantastic projects and a great opportunity for the volunteer looking for a really rural and small community experience. An absolute gem!

Jeffrey's Bay

Known as the surfing capital of South Africa. This awesome little town with so much history and a thriving tourism aspect offers the voluneteer a great opportunity to experience small to medium size projects along side a great community.

What our previous volunteers have to say

“I volunteered in South Africa in 2018 and 2019. The experiences I had there enrich me to this day and I am so grateful for them. Brett was approachable for us volunteers at all times and was always there to help us. I would recommend for everyone to do a volunteer service in South Africa.”

Tabea Leibold

“My year with ASC in South Africa has been one of the best years of my life – it has been such a pleasure to work in the sport projects with the kids. The different sport offers have such an impact on the children’s lives.

Being part of the Weltwärts programme and living in this beautiful country and getting in touch with the culture and get a place in many South African children hearts still feels enriching and such a privilege.

Having Brett as a mentor made us feel safe and comfortable knowing that if we had a problem he would always be there. He’s so dedicated to this programme keeping volunteers happy and we couldn’t have asked for a better mentor!

I would recommend this opportunity for sure.”

Lea Kruckenberg

Experience a New Culture

Experience a new Culture and enjoy the time in a region with a passionate community with awesome people and projects. You can learn so much and at the same time teach so much about your own Culture.

Enjoy our country

Your year in South Africa will be filled with so many new impressions and experiences while enjoying the amazing areas and regions our country has to offer.

Becoming a team

Becoming part of a team, a new family, is what volunteering is all about. Enjoy working together and growing as a person through shared experiences.

Making a Difference through Sport

As sport volunteers, you will have the responsibibly of coaching and exposing young children to the joys and importance of sport.

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